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Yahoo Video – Watch Your Favorite Movie Clips

June 1, 2009 | Filed Under Favorite Videos, Video Sharing 

If you are looking for video clips from different media Web sites, then Yahoo Video is the place to find them all in the same place. However, if you are looking for original material for users, you will be hard pressed to find it. This is unfortunate because viewers are permitted to upload videos, it just will take you a while to find them. The majority of the clips you will find on this site are clips from television shows and movie trailers. This is great if that is all you are looking for. The only downfall with this is that most television networks make it possible to watch their shows online these days.

When you find the user submitted videos on Yahoo Video, they are worth the wait. They are just as original and funny as you will find on other video sharing sites. The videos are the funny skits that you expect from a video sharing site. This is what the majority of people who use these sites want to see, so it only makes sense to try to incorporate them more into the site. It almost appears as if the site is trying to keep more of a professionalism to it by showcasing more television and music clips.

As far as ease of use, Yahoo Video ranks high in that department. It is easy to search through the different videos on the site. However, it is not the best place to go to if you are not sure what you want to watch and are just browsing. The search works best when you know what it is you want to see. This is because the categories are not as extensive as other sites. However, it does offer the basics in categories, such as funny, sports or music. If you are looking for clips from movies and music, this is a great site to have them all in the same place. It saves on searching time because you do not have to go from site to site.

Another feature that is appealing to Yahoo Video is the large screen shot it has. There really is no need to enlarge it further because you are able to see the entire video clearly with what is provided. This is a great time saver because you do not feel as if you have to get an additional window every time you want to watch a video.


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