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VidiLife – More Than Just Video Sharing

May 27, 2009 | Filed Under Video Sharing 

One site that is more than just a video sharing site is VidiLife. This is because, along with submitting and viewing your favorite videos, you actually can join clubs or view photos. This is appealing to people who are looking for more than just videos from this type of site. It offers different features than other video sharing sites does, such as video mail. This allows you to send videos to your friends on the site. Another great feature this site has that other sites lack is the option of blogging. Not only can you express yourself through your videos, you also can further express yourself with a blog.

When it comes to uploading your videos on VidiLife, it is quite simple and easy to follow. You also have the option of having your video be viewed publicly or privately. If you select the private viewing, only your online friends will be able to view the videos and photos you submit. This is a feature that a lot of the users like because they do not necessarily want millions of people to view their photos, but instead they would rather upload them for their friends only. This is one aspect that makes this site extremely user friendly.

Another aspect that makes the VidiLife site user friendly is the search options. Because you can upload explicit content, you are asked beforehand if you want to view that material. This way you are not surprised as to what you find while you are watching a video. You are told ahead of time that it is explicit. In addition, because the site doubles as a social networking site, getting help is extremely easy. You can visit the FAQs page the site provides or simply ask your questions to the other users. Odds are someone else out there faced the same problem you have.

If video sharing is a big part of your life, it makes sense to use a site that allows you to express that in more ways than just uploading a video. The fact that you can join clubs and post blogs makes VidiLife more than just your typical video sharing site. If you are into video sharing, you can spend hours or even days on this site viewing and reading what all the other users have to share and say. If you are into more than just videos, this is a great place to visit.


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