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SEO Video – Use Strong Keywords to Beat Your Competition

June 15, 2009 | Filed Under Video SEO 

Things constantly are changing in the marketing world, and one of the biggest changes of late is the importance of using video advertising. Studies have shown this from of marketing creates better results for businesses, so it is important to utilize SEO video as well. This also is known as search engine optimization. What this does is increase the search engine rankings your video receives. This in turn increases the number of customers to your site, which will increase business. Because so many businesses are using videos for the advertising, you cannot simply create a video and do nothing with it. In order for it to beat out the competition, it must be optimized.

When you use SEO video, you are doing a few different things to your video. You are paying attention to the keywords that are used in the titles, Meta tags and synopsis. This arguably is the most important part of video optimization because search engines only can use these keywords because they of course cannot understand the video’s content. Using strong keywords that will allow your video to compete with your competitors is a great way to get traffic to your site.

To make the most out of your keywords in SEO video, you need to make sure you research the keywords you want to use. You might think you have strong ones but research might show that no one searches those phrases. This could be deceiving because you could think they would be great to use because there is no competition. However, if no one is searching them, then you will not get any traffic. Find the most used keywords and include them everywhere search engines use.

When you are using strong keywords that your competitors are using as well, it is important to create catchy titles using those selected keywords. This will draw more people to your video because of the title. They will be interested in learning more so they will click on your video and bypass your competitors. Great SEO video will create the best titles possible for your keywords. You also could use minor keywords or phrases to better emphasize your message. Your main keywords will be the ones in your titles, but your minor ones can appear throughout the video.

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