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Google Video – The Most Variety in Videos

May 18, 2009 | Filed Under Online Viral Video, Video SEO 

One of the best features that Google Video has over other video sharing sites is in its searching. This is because it has much more searching options than the other sites. This probably has to do with the fact that Google is the leader in Internet searching, so it makes sense that its video section has great searching capabilities. Included in this search is the many different ways in which you can search for a video. You can use the simple search box for the most basic search. You also can do advanced searches by date, length or relevance. This separates the site from the others.

Another feature that many users like with Google Video is the viewing box. It is a lot larger than most of the other video sharing sites. It actually takes up about one third of your monitor. However, you still have enough room to view all the comments and playlists. This saves the need for enlarging the viewer box into another window because many people find it is large enough on its own. Another thing that many users like about this site is that you are not limited to how long your video can be. If it is over 1,000 MB, you will have to use a free download provided by Google.

Because you have more ways to search for videos with Google Video, you also have more categories. One of the more popular categories is the top 100 videos by country. This is interesting because it allows you to compare the favorite videos from your country to other ones. It gives you a good idea as to what people from other cultures find entertaining and interesting. Although it has more categories, you will not find obscene videos. This is because they are banned from the site. This makes for a cleaner site overall.

Most people have found that Google Video is easy to use. You are not required to be a user to watch the videos but you do if you want to upload your own video. People also like the support that the site offers. They have an extensive page of FAQs, which can help people out if they are having problems uploading or finding their video. This site is a great choice for anyone looking for variety in their videos, as well as clean material that is not offensive to its viewers.


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