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Video Optimization – Get Your Video Highly Ranked

June 22, 2009 | Filed Under Video Optimization 

Just like with other forms of advertising, video optimization is vital when starting your video advertising campaign. If you are new to this and not at all familiar, then you simply can think of it as regular search engine optimization but with your online video. Optimizing your video is important because it ensures that the proper keywords are used so you will get the optimum search engine placement. If you just create a video with no thought at all about keywords, then your video probably never will be seen by many people.

Video optimization is easy when it is done by professionals. They know what they are doing because they created this form of optimization. This form of advertising is fairly new, so you can trust the people creating and optimizing your videos because they most likely were in the game from the beginning. One of the first things you need to consider when optimizing your videos is your video content. You need great and compelling content for all your videos. You also need to make sure you are using the right keywords. Make sure that the words you are choosing are highly searched words otherwise no one will see your video, regardless of how great it may be.

Another aspect of good video optimization is the video length. You want to aim for about one to two minutes. Any longer and people usually get bored with them. Unless you have a great story you are telling in your video, steer clear of really long ones. You also need to utilize a great Meta tag. This is the title of your video and greatly impacts where it stands in search engine results. Remember that the keywords that are placed in the left, or beginning, of the title will get the most results.

Video advertising can be a great tool in your company’s marketing arsenal, but only if you use video optimization. This will ensure that you did not waste hard-earned money creating a video that no one will find online. Make sure that your targeted audience is considered during the optimization process to ensure that you get the video your customers will like and appreciate. Creating a video is not going to cut it these days, which is why optimization is so important.

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