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Metacafe – Keeping a High Standard in Video Sharing

May 20, 2009 | Filed Under Video Sharing, video marketing 

One of the better and more popular video sharing sites on the Internet these days is Metacafe. The main reason why it ranks so highly in many people’s minds is because of how restricting the site is. The people at the company, as well as its thousands of users, like the fact that the videos are kept to a standard because it keeps the site more orderly. This orderly comes in handy when you are searching for a specific video. You are not left with 30 or 40 options of the same video where you have to go through and watch them all until you find the exact one you want.

A great feature that Metacafe offers is that it will pay people for uploading videos. Now this does not mean that once you upload a video you will be paid. They restrict the payment to people who have their videos viewed by at least 20,000 people. Once this happens, you are paid $5 for each thousand views. This is appealing to people who submit multiple videos. Along with getting the recognition of your video going viral, you also have to opportunity to make some money at the same time. This is a nice feature because it is a way to feel good about yourself because your video accomplished something.

Because Metacafe has such a restrictive approval process and ranking system, it makes it much more user friendly than some other video sharing sites. This lets you know that the videos you find are going to be worth your time watching them. You are more likely to find videos that you like instead of watching hundreds of useless and meaningless videos until you find one you like. Another great feature that this site offers is the ability to bookmark videos or add them to your favorites list. This is great for when you do not have time to watch them now and even to save them to show people later.

Another great feature that Metacafe has that makes it one of the best video sharing sites is that the majority of the videos are user generated. This is great because you will have more fun watching all the videos instead of searching through television clips to find a video you want. People also like the recommendation system used on the site. This makes it easier to be linked to videos that you will like.


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