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Marketing with Video – Make Your Company the Most-Watched Video Online

June 8, 2009 | Filed Under video marketing 

When it first started a few years ago, only huge corporations could afford to do marketing with video. The main reason for this was because there were not companies out there that specialized in making advertising videos. The larger companies could afford to use their own resources to make their own videos while the smaller companies were left in the dark. Things have changed the past few years because so many people realized how effective it is to use video marketing. Because of this, there are actual companies that will create your videos for you to your own specifications.

One of the main reasons why marketing with video is so successful in turning viewers into customers is because many of the videos are entertainment. People have become tired of watching and reading the same old advertisements that are clearly advertisements. With online videos, they can be created to be more entertaining and humor-filled. People know they are watching advertisements, but they overlook it because they are being entertained.

Another reason why it works so well to do marketing with video is because you can target your audience better. People can search for specific topics online, so you already know they are interested in your topic. This is why businesses have such a success rate with video advertisements. They know beforehand that their potential customer is interested because they place the video where they will find it. Companies no longer are wasting money hoping that people will see their advertisement and become a customer. This makes video marketing good business sense because it is one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise.

One way you can find success marketing with video is to make an informational advertisement. So many people use the Internet for information and to learn how to do things, so telling people what to do while advertising your company at the same time is smart. They will watch your video even if they know it is an advertisement because they will respect your expertise. You might surprise yourself at how easily it is to turn a viewer into a customer when you give them the information they want. This is a popular form on video advertising because many companies do not know how to make entertaining videos.

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