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Video Advertising – Get a Jumpstart on the Best Advertising

June 17, 2009 | Filed Under Video Advertising 

As a business owner, you constantly have to be thinking about your next marketing campaign. One of the most powerful and popular campaigns you should use for your company is video advertising. If you think this form of advertising only is used to make people laugh, think again. It may have got its start that way, but using videos for your advertisements has come a long way. You can make them as serious as you want, or you always can go the route of making people laugh. Whichever way you take is your decision. Just make sure that you are taking advantage of this.

One of the best parts about video advertising is that its effect on the masses is so large compared to how much it costs to create them. It actually is one of the cheaper forms on online advertising, yet more people respond to these videos. There actually have been studies that prove that people from ages 18-45 prefer watching these online videos than other forms of advertising. Since this is the demographic most companies aim to get, why not give them what they want and make a video?

Another reason why many companies are finding video advertising a great marketing resource is because there is much more freedom than in television advertising. All of the ads are monitored on television and must meet several standards. This is not to say that you should do a raunchy online video for your company, but you have more freedom with what you can do. Another great aspect of this advertising is that people can search for it. All they have to do is enter a keyword into a search engine and your advertisement pops up. This is much more effective than television because you do not have that capability.

Video advertising also makes great business sense considering the fact that there is an entire site devoted to online videos that is dominating the Internet. Why not add your company into the mix for exposure? This form of advertising also is much more effective because you can better target your audience than you could with television ads. Your potential customers already are online searching for products, so give them your product through a video.

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