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YouTube – The No. 1 Site

June 5, 2009 | Filed Under YouTube marketing | Leave a Comment 

When people think of video sharing web sites, YouTube automatically comes to mind. This is the case even if people are not familiar with video sharing. Because of this popularity, the site is sure to have high rankings on other sites. However, there are people who would like to know how well this site ranks against the other video sharing sites out there. Just because it is popular does not always mean it is the best. When you look on sites that actually review the different video sharing sites, you will see that you are not alone in calling YouTube the best.

One of the main reasons that people love YouTube so much is because of the way it is set up. There actually are other sites that follow their format of streaming and sharing videos. The fact that people who post videos on this site actually become famous themselves is a testament as to how well this site works. Whether the creators of the site intended for that to happen or not is a mystery, but it did. Another reason why the site ranks so high in customer reviews is because of how easy it is to use.

You are able to separate the videos on YouTube by category and even by user, which makes it easier to find the videos you want to watch. You do not have to search through thousands of videos that have no relation to the one you want to watch if you do not want to. Another great feature it has is that you do not have to be a registered user to use the site. You even can leave comments about videos without being a user. This makes more people willing to use the site because they do not have to register for anything.

Another feature that has been catching on lately with YouTube is the ability to upload videos directly from your cell phone. Virtually all phones these days take video, which makes it more convenient to capture the video you want. Really the only problem some people have with the site, and it is not even a big problem, is that the videos have to be 10 minutes or less. This does not affect most people because the videos typically are short. Another great feature this site has is that it restricts explicit content videos from the public. You have to be a user and verify your age.

YouTube Marketing – Put Your Company in the Most-Watched Video Platform

April 15, 2009 | Filed Under YouTube marketing | Leave a Comment 

If you are going to venture into the video marketing genre, you must use YouTube marketing. This is the largest video searching site online that it carries such a celebrity name with it. When people want to find videos, they automatically go to YouTube because they know they will find millions of videos. After all many people who use the Internet, would rather watch a short video on a particular subject, then they would rather read a long boring website.

From a business standpoint, it only makes sense to take advantage of this platform. To see for yourself just how powerful this can be for your company, try running a search on Youtube for a product or service that is related to your own. You will be surprised at how many of your competitors already are using YouTube.

Your YouTube marketing campaign does not have to be purely about entertainment. You might be surprised at how many informative videos companies have listed on Youtube. They know people use the Internet for information, so they create these videos as a response to the demand. The viewers will trust that this company is providing accurate information because they are a professional business, so they end up feeling better about using their products and services. The better videos are more than just advertisements and all though you could re-purpose your TV ads it is not advised because people go online to find different videos.

A great way to take advantage of YouTube marketing is to have someone from your company appear in the videos. People tend to trust actual people more than actors. You can be in it or someone else from your staff. They do not have to be in the entire video, a portion is good enough. In order to ensure the most success, be sure to include your company’s name and Web site link. Some people get so carried away trying to create an entertaining video that they forget to include the most important information, which is your company information.

One of the better reasons to use YouTube marketing is the fact that it is free. Because it costs nothing to view the videos, you do not have to pay each time people click. Your videos also can be seen globally, which is great if you are trying to expand your company to include the global market. You also can create a channel that will include all your company’s videos.

If you expect to make your business survive in the Internet world, you must use YouTube marketing.