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Video Marketing – The Future of Marketing is Here

June 19, 2009 | Filed Under video marketing | Leave a Comment 

If you still are under the presumption that video marketing is for the future, you are very mistaken. This form of marketing has arrived and is being used by millions of businesses. One of the main reasons it is so successful is because you are building trust with your viewers. Because they see an actual person in the video, they feel they know who you are and that they have made a personal connection with the company. People tend to buy from people they know and trust, so you can build this trust through a video.

One way you can use this technique of building trust in your video marketing is to create an informative video. One of the main reasons people use the Internet is to find out information about products and services. By giving viewers what they want in the form of information, you are providing them with a service they can trust. They will associate that trust to your products and services and end up trusting your company more than they did before they saw your video.

Another reason why video marketing is so useful is because it is so easily tracked. You are able to figure out what Web sites the viewers were on when they found your video, which will help you better understand your target audience. You have information regarding other sites they enjoy, so you will be able to upload more videos to those sites in the future to reach that untapped audience. Because you can understand your audience, you will be able to create better videos as well. You know what they like, so you can create videos that appeal to them more so than generic videos.

Video marketing is so easy to use because all you need to do is create a video that relates to your business. There are several different video-related sites that are in the business of housing videos. Just upload your video onto them and you will be surprised at how quickly your traffic increases. The rules of keywords still apply to this form of marketing, so be sure to do your research and choose strong ones. Many people believe that this form of marketing is the best way to carry your business into the online world.

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Marketing with Video – Make Your Company the Most-Watched Video Online

June 8, 2009 | Filed Under video marketing | Leave a Comment 

When it first started a few years ago, only huge corporations could afford to do marketing with video. The main reason for this was because there were not companies out there that specialized in making advertising videos. The larger companies could afford to use their own resources to make their own videos while the smaller companies were left in the dark. Things have changed the past few years because so many people realized how effective it is to use video marketing. Because of this, there are actual companies that will create your videos for you to your own specifications.

One of the main reasons why marketing with video is so successful in turning viewers into customers is because many of the videos are entertainment. People have become tired of watching and reading the same old advertisements that are clearly advertisements. With online videos, they can be created to be more entertaining and humor-filled. People know they are watching advertisements, but they overlook it because they are being entertained.

Another reason why it works so well to do marketing with video is because you can target your audience better. People can search for specific topics online, so you already know they are interested in your topic. This is why businesses have such a success rate with video advertisements. They know beforehand that their potential customer is interested because they place the video where they will find it. Companies no longer are wasting money hoping that people will see their advertisement and become a customer. This makes video marketing good business sense because it is one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise.

One way you can find success marketing with video is to make an informational advertisement. So many people use the Internet for information and to learn how to do things, so telling people what to do while advertising your company at the same time is smart. They will watch your video even if they know it is an advertisement because they will respect your expertise. You might surprise yourself at how easily it is to turn a viewer into a customer when you give them the information they want. This is a popular form on video advertising because many companies do not know how to make entertaining videos.

If you want your company to start marketing with video, consider using the services of www.TurnKeyVideoSEO.com. They have the video expertise you are looking for in your campaign.

Revver – Get Paid to Upload Your Videos

May 22, 2009 | Filed Under Video Sharing, video marketing | Leave a Comment 

One video sharing site that offers a lot of different video categories if Revver. The reason they are able to have so many different categories is because they collect videos from other sites as well as user submitted videos. This makes for more variety when it comes to searching and viewing. You will not have to go to the different sites to view the videos you want to see because they all will be on this site. Along with the different categories, you also have variety when it comes to searching for your videos. You can do most watched, recently added or editor’s picks, just to name a few.

Another feature that is appealing for many people when it comes to Revver is the rating system. Each video is previewed with a thumbnail, along with a rating. This rating is easy to follow and use because it is like the movie rating system such as PG, PG-13 and so on. Another thing that many people like is that, when you register, you have the option not to view any adult content. This saves having to see adult content by mistake because they will not even be shown if you select not to view it.

Another reason why many people love watching and submitting videos to Revver is because they will pay you. Although they do not pay everyone who submits a video, they do attach an advertisement to the end of your video clip. This does not interfere with your actual video, so you do not have to worry about that. Then, if anyone clicks on the advertisement, you will receive 50 percent of the revenue generated from the click. This is a nice way to make some extra money for not really doing anything but uploading a video. You would have uploaded it anyway, so why not do it to a site that will pay you?

Overall, Revver is fairly simple to use and navigate. You really should not have any trouble finding the type of video you want to watch. You also can search the videos by creator, which is great when you find a creator you like. You can follow his or her videos each time they upload new ones. Most other sites only allow you to do this once you have selected a video. They then allow you to view the other videos from that user.

Metacafe – Keeping a High Standard in Video Sharing

May 20, 2009 | Filed Under Video Sharing, video marketing | Leave a Comment 

One of the better and more popular video sharing sites on the Internet these days is Metacafe. The main reason why it ranks so highly in many people’s minds is because of how restricting the site is. The people at the company, as well as its thousands of users, like the fact that the videos are kept to a standard because it keeps the site more orderly. This orderly comes in handy when you are searching for a specific video. You are not left with 30 or 40 options of the same video where you have to go through and watch them all until you find the exact one you want.

A great feature that Metacafe offers is that it will pay people for uploading videos. Now this does not mean that once you upload a video you will be paid. They restrict the payment to people who have their videos viewed by at least 20,000 people. Once this happens, you are paid $5 for each thousand views. This is appealing to people who submit multiple videos. Along with getting the recognition of your video going viral, you also have to opportunity to make some money at the same time. This is a nice feature because it is a way to feel good about yourself because your video accomplished something.

Because Metacafe has such a restrictive approval process and ranking system, it makes it much more user friendly than some other video sharing sites. This lets you know that the videos you find are going to be worth your time watching them. You are more likely to find videos that you like instead of watching hundreds of useless and meaningless videos until you find one you like. Another great feature that this site offers is the ability to bookmark videos or add them to your favorites list. This is great for when you do not have time to watch them now and even to save them to show people later.

Another great feature that Metacafe has that makes it one of the best video sharing sites is that the majority of the videos are user generated. This is great because you will have more fun watching all the videos instead of searching through television clips to find a video you want. People also like the recommendation system used on the site. This makes it easier to be linked to videos that you will like.

Online Viral Video – Components of Making a Video go Viral

May 11, 2009 | Filed Under Online Viral Video, video marketing | Leave a Comment 

One of the best and quickest ways to make a marketing video work is to use an online viral video.  Making a video go viral basically means that it gets shared and viewed by many people quickly. Think of a popular video you have seen recently. It most likely was a viral video. From a marketing standpoint, there are specific components of making a video go viral that campaign managers need to use. The main reason why a video goes viral is because it is unique and there is something so special about it that people feel the need to share it with everyone they know.

One of the components of making a video go viral is with how you publicize your video. If people do not know about it, no one will watch it regardless of how entertaining or unique it is. Yes, you have to promote your promotional video if you want a successful online viral video. Go to different forums related to your business product or service you provide and submit articles or blog posts telling people about your video.

Another of the common components of making a video go viral is to keep the video short. Although you may think it is a good idea to make a long video because you can include more information, you need to consider whether viewers will want to watch a video for 15 minutes. The answer most always is no. The most popular viral videos are typically under five minutes. This is because people do not want to waste their time watching a video when they could be doing better things. Do not feel as if you need to tell your viewer everything about your products and business. Including a few tidbits in your online viral video will get the message across.  The goal of your video is to peek interest. Rarely will any video convert sales, but they are wonderful tools to get searchers to your websites.

You also have to remember to keep the information light when it comes to an online viral video. There is a reason why serious-matter videos never go viral. People feel better sharing light-hearted and entertaining videos than they do other material. This is one of the most important components of making a video go viral. Just do not take yourself too seriously and you will be well on your way to having a viral video.

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Would you rather compete against 3.7 million online competitors or 62 competitors?

April 7, 2009 | Filed Under Video Optimization, Video SEO, video marketing | 2 Comments 

The answer to this question is easy.  However, this is the question we often ask our clients prior to coming onboard.  According to Alexa.com, Youtube.com ranks amongst the top 3 most trafficked websites on the entire Internet behind Google and Yahoo.  If you are going to compete in 2009 and increase the amount of qualified traffic to your website, then you need to add video marketing to your online marketing repertoire.

If you own a website and offer products or services via the web, then you understand first-hand how important it is not only to have a good website, but also good search engine placement and visibility for keyword phrases that are relevant to your business. At Turn Key Video SEO, we believe it is important not only to focus on ranking your main website, but also ranking turnkey videos in the Google, Yahoo, and MSN search results.

At Turnkey Video SEO, we can help you create short informational videos about your company products and services. These videos act as an extension of your website telling people on YouTube and at other video sharing sites how they can benefit from your product or service and more importantly what problem your product or service solves.

Don’t know what do a video on? Let one of our marketing consultants help you.  It is truly is a TURN KEY process.  We will review your website, gather some pertinent details about your website, products / services and come up with a number of ideas to introduce your business in a professional and concise way to your new prospects. Once we obtain your keyword phrases, then we take the ball and run with it.  Could it be anymore simple than that?

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