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Vimeo – Where the Professionals Go

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The great thing about the Vimeo video sharing site is that it doubles as a social networking site. On the site, you will find a collection of up-and-coming videographers. The site is more for people who aspire to do this for a living and for people who have a strong passion about video creation. Although it is a great site to watch and appreciate the art of film, you will not find the amateur work on other video sharing sites. This does not mean that you will not find comedic material on the site, it just will be done with more professionalism and skill.

You are more likely to find original material on Vimeo than on any other video sharing site. It will be more difficult to find clips from movies and television shows because that is not what the site is about. It focuses more on showcasing the art of creating videos. These clips still can be found, but they are not showcased and promoted the way they are on other sites. You will not find them in the editor’s choice section because they want to encourage the original work. This makes it easier for people to discover new artists because they have more of a chance to have their work viewed.

Although the majority of the users on Vimeo submit their original work, you do not have to be an aspiring videographer to appreciate the videos. It is a great place to go to see great original work that just cannot be found on other sites. They do not pay as much attention to what clip is the funniest or whose pet can dance to a song like other sites do. If you want to see real and original material that is created professionally and skillfully, this is the site to visit.

One downside to Vimeo is that your video has to be completed before it can be uploaded onto the site. This is because there are not tools on the site that can help you finish the video. This might deter the average person from uploading a video, but for people who know what they are doing, this should not be a problem. Because the site is more for people in the field, there is more variety as to the formats it can accept. It does not have to be one specific file type in order to be uploaded.

VidiLife – More Than Just Video Sharing

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One site that is more than just a video sharing site is VidiLife. This is because, along with submitting and viewing your favorite videos, you actually can join clubs or view photos. This is appealing to people who are looking for more than just videos from this type of site. It offers different features than other video sharing sites does, such as video mail. This allows you to send videos to your friends on the site. Another great feature this site has that other sites lack is the option of blogging. Not only can you express yourself through your videos, you also can further express yourself with a blog.

When it comes to uploading your videos on VidiLife, it is quite simple and easy to follow. You also have the option of having your video be viewed publicly or privately. If you select the private viewing, only your online friends will be able to view the videos and photos you submit. This is a feature that a lot of the users like because they do not necessarily want millions of people to view their photos, but instead they would rather upload them for their friends only. This is one aspect that makes this site extremely user friendly.

Another aspect that makes the VidiLife site user friendly is the search options. Because you can upload explicit content, you are asked beforehand if you want to view that material. This way you are not surprised as to what you find while you are watching a video. You are told ahead of time that it is explicit. In addition, because the site doubles as a social networking site, getting help is extremely easy. You can visit the FAQs page the site provides or simply ask your questions to the other users. Odds are someone else out there faced the same problem you have.

If video sharing is a big part of your life, it makes sense to use a site that allows you to express that in more ways than just uploading a video. The fact that you can join clubs and post blogs makes VidiLife more than just your typical video sharing site. If you are into video sharing, you can spend hours or even days on this site viewing and reading what all the other users have to share and say. If you are into more than just videos, this is a great place to visit.

Stickam – Not Your Average Video Sharing Site

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Because people have become so obsessed with video sharing sites, as well as social community sites, there is a place where you can go and have the best of both worlds. The site Stickam allows you to upload and view your favorite videos, as well as make online friends with people around the world. An interesting feature that this site has is the capability of its users to go live. This means that they actually can broadcast themselves live online. You are better able to connect with people this way. This is capable through the chat room feature that the site has.

Along with broadcasting yourself, you also can see who else is live while you are. Another great feature that Stickam offers is that any explicit material is strictly prohibited. This is because the site was designed for use for people as young as 14 years old. Anyone who tries to post sexually explicit material runs the risk of being turned over to the authorities for transmitting sexually explicit material to minors. If you have anything in your videos that might be construed as sexually explicit material, it is best to find another site to upload your video, just to be on the safe side.

Stickam also is very easy to use because you are able to navigate around the videos quite easily. You have several different searching options, which makes it easier to find the video you want. You also can upload your videos easier than a few of the other video sharing sites. In addition to uploading the traditional way, you also can upload videos or pictures from your cell phone. This is a great feature since so many people take photos and videos from their cell phones. This makes the material you can submit less limiting.

For anyone looking to find a site that can serve as both a video sharing site and a social networking site, you need not look further than Stickam. It features the best of both worlds and captures it into one site. Because the site is both of these things, you also can the option of searching for people, as well as your videos. You are able to see whether your online friends are online at the same time as yourself with this option. This is a great site for anyone who is interested in videos more than just watching them for a quick laugh.

Revver – Get Paid to Upload Your Videos

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One video sharing site that offers a lot of different video categories if Revver. The reason they are able to have so many different categories is because they collect videos from other sites as well as user submitted videos. This makes for more variety when it comes to searching and viewing. You will not have to go to the different sites to view the videos you want to see because they all will be on this site. Along with the different categories, you also have variety when it comes to searching for your videos. You can do most watched, recently added or editor’s picks, just to name a few.

Another feature that is appealing for many people when it comes to Revver is the rating system. Each video is previewed with a thumbnail, along with a rating. This rating is easy to follow and use because it is like the movie rating system such as PG, PG-13 and so on. Another thing that many people like is that, when you register, you have the option not to view any adult content. This saves having to see adult content by mistake because they will not even be shown if you select not to view it.

Another reason why many people love watching and submitting videos to Revver is because they will pay you. Although they do not pay everyone who submits a video, they do attach an advertisement to the end of your video clip. This does not interfere with your actual video, so you do not have to worry about that. Then, if anyone clicks on the advertisement, you will receive 50 percent of the revenue generated from the click. This is a nice way to make some extra money for not really doing anything but uploading a video. You would have uploaded it anyway, so why not do it to a site that will pay you?

Overall, Revver is fairly simple to use and navigate. You really should not have any trouble finding the type of video you want to watch. You also can search the videos by creator, which is great when you find a creator you like. You can follow his or her videos each time they upload new ones. Most other sites only allow you to do this once you have selected a video. They then allow you to view the other videos from that user.

Metacafe – Keeping a High Standard in Video Sharing

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One of the better and more popular video sharing sites on the Internet these days is Metacafe. The main reason why it ranks so highly in many people’s minds is because of how restricting the site is. The people at the company, as well as its thousands of users, like the fact that the videos are kept to a standard because it keeps the site more orderly. This orderly comes in handy when you are searching for a specific video. You are not left with 30 or 40 options of the same video where you have to go through and watch them all until you find the exact one you want.

A great feature that Metacafe offers is that it will pay people for uploading videos. Now this does not mean that once you upload a video you will be paid. They restrict the payment to people who have their videos viewed by at least 20,000 people. Once this happens, you are paid $5 for each thousand views. This is appealing to people who submit multiple videos. Along with getting the recognition of your video going viral, you also have to opportunity to make some money at the same time. This is a nice feature because it is a way to feel good about yourself because your video accomplished something.

Because Metacafe has such a restrictive approval process and ranking system, it makes it much more user friendly than some other video sharing sites. This lets you know that the videos you find are going to be worth your time watching them. You are more likely to find videos that you like instead of watching hundreds of useless and meaningless videos until you find one you like. Another great feature that this site offers is the ability to bookmark videos or add them to your favorites list. This is great for when you do not have time to watch them now and even to save them to show people later.

Another great feature that Metacafe has that makes it one of the best video sharing sites is that the majority of the videos are user generated. This is great because you will have more fun watching all the videos instead of searching through television clips to find a video you want. People also like the recommendation system used on the site. This makes it easier to be linked to videos that you will like.

Google Video – The Most Variety in Videos

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One of the best features that Google Video has over other video sharing sites is in its searching. This is because it has much more searching options than the other sites. This probably has to do with the fact that Google is the leader in Internet searching, so it makes sense that its video section has great searching capabilities. Included in this search is the many different ways in which you can search for a video. You can use the simple search box for the most basic search. You also can do advanced searches by date, length or relevance. This separates the site from the others.

Another feature that many users like with Google Video is the viewing box. It is a lot larger than most of the other video sharing sites. It actually takes up about one third of your monitor. However, you still have enough room to view all the comments and playlists. This saves the need for enlarging the viewer box into another window because many people find it is large enough on its own. Another thing that many users like about this site is that you are not limited to how long your video can be. If it is over 1,000 MB, you will have to use a free download provided by Google.

Because you have more ways to search for videos with Google Video, you also have more categories. One of the more popular categories is the top 100 videos by country. This is interesting because it allows you to compare the favorite videos from your country to other ones. It gives you a good idea as to what people from other cultures find entertaining and interesting. Although it has more categories, you will not find obscene videos. This is because they are banned from the site. This makes for a cleaner site overall.

Most people have found that Google Video is easy to use. You are not required to be a user to watch the videos but you do if you want to upload your own video. People also like the support that the site offers. They have an extensive page of FAQs, which can help people out if they are having problems uploading or finding their video. This site is a great choice for anyone looking for variety in their videos, as well as clean material that is not offensive to its viewers.

Daily Motion – A Professional Site

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If you are looking for a video sharing site that provides professional clips such as newscasts and commercials, look no further than Daily Motion. Although it is not as popular as a few of the other video sharing sites, it does provide the most professional videos. This is great for people who are looking to get away from the amateur material often found on other sites. Although those videos can be amusing for a while, it is refreshing to see professionally shot material. This is the best place to go if you are looking for clips from other countries as well.

An interesting divider Daily Motion uses to distinguish from which country a video came is the country’s flag. Because the majority of the videos are professionally done, it is a great place to find all your favorite television clips and entertainment clips. You can find clips of your favorite fashion designer’s runway show or even a how-to of the best way to light a fashion show. Because the videos are professional in nature, you will be able to find the best advice and information for the experts themselves. You will not have to risk getting advice from someone who knows nothing about the topic.

One of the only problems that some users have with Daily Motion is the lack of a description of the videos. There only is a picture of part of the video, so you are not sure whether a clip has explicit material. You might find this happening if you watch videos from other countries because something might be offending to you that is not offending in another country. You will not know until you watch the video because there is not description or warning beforehand. You will find that there are restrictions such as pornography, violence, racist and copyrighted material.

Because the videos tend to have more of a professional manner on Daily Motion, there are not many amateur videographers who upload videos on this site. It is more for people to show clips of television shows, newscasts and commercials. It is a great site for watching videos, but not that helpful for people who want to upload their homemade video. There are a lot of different video categories, though, which makes this site a contender for your viewership. There also is a section of video blogs, which many people find interesting and humorous to watch.

Break – The Best Site for Males

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One of the best video sharing sites for guys has got to be Break. This is because it restricts the types of videos it allows on its site to humor, entertainment, sports and military. Although the viewers typically are male, this has not affected their viewership. More than one million people are viewers to this site around the world. Because you only can submit specific genres of videos on this site, you will not have to waste your time sorting through useless videos to find the funny ones you want. However, you do not have to be a guy to appreciate the hilarious videos posted on this site daily.

If you are looking for a good laugh, then Break is the video sharing site you need to use. Virtually all the clips you find on there will make you laugh hysterically. Another great thing about this site is that you will not find as many duplicate videos as you might on other sites. The organizational system used is great at sorting the videos. Because the majority of the users have similar interests as yourself, you will find the comments submitted more useful than other sites. They are less objective, but odds are that they are the same thoughts you would have.

One of the features that Break offers that separates it from the other video sharing sites is the user options. It is so user friendly because of how many viewing options you have. Not only can you see how much time has elapsed from the video, you also can see how much time is left. You also can control the playing methods with your keyboard. Something that most other sites do not offer is the ability to adjust the color contrast in the viewing panel. You do not have to leave the video to do so. Overall, there just seems to be more users in mind when it was created.

Another great feature that Break offers that many people prefer to the other sites is the rating system. Instead of having to decide whether a video is worth 3.5 or 4, you just give the video a thumbs up or a thumbs down. You do not have to decide whether you liked the video a lot or just a little bit. It is less confusing for a lot of people. If you are looking for hilarious and unique videos, this site is for you.

Online Viral Video – Components of Making a Video go Viral

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One of the best and quickest ways to make a marketing video work is to use an online viral video.  Making a video go viral basically means that it gets shared and viewed by many people quickly. Think of a popular video you have seen recently. It most likely was a viral video. From a marketing standpoint, there are specific components of making a video go viral that campaign managers need to use. The main reason why a video goes viral is because it is unique and there is something so special about it that people feel the need to share it with everyone they know.

One of the components of making a video go viral is with how you publicize your video. If people do not know about it, no one will watch it regardless of how entertaining or unique it is. Yes, you have to promote your promotional video if you want a successful online viral video. Go to different forums related to your business product or service you provide and submit articles or blog posts telling people about your video.

Another of the common components of making a video go viral is to keep the video short. Although you may think it is a good idea to make a long video because you can include more information, you need to consider whether viewers will want to watch a video for 15 minutes. The answer most always is no. The most popular viral videos are typically under five minutes. This is because people do not want to waste their time watching a video when they could be doing better things. Do not feel as if you need to tell your viewer everything about your products and business. Including a few tidbits in your online viral video will get the message across.  The goal of your video is to peek interest. Rarely will any video convert sales, but they are wonderful tools to get searchers to your websites.

You also have to remember to keep the information light when it comes to an online viral video. There is a reason why serious-matter videos never go viral. People feel better sharing light-hearted and entertaining videos than they do other material. This is one of the most important components of making a video go viral. Just do not take yourself too seriously and you will be well on your way to having a viral video.

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