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Why utilize Video Creation, Submission and Advertising as part of a Comprehensive Online Marketing and SEO Strategy?

If a picture is worth 1000 words, then a video is worth millions. Let’s face it…. 70% of us are visual.

A study by the IDC contends video advertising will be the principal method of Internet advertising through 2012 at a compound annual growth rate of 49.4 percent.

An estimated 1.2 million user-generated videos were published online in 2007, according to Accustream iMedia Research’s “User Generated Video 2005-2008: Metadata Metrics” report. To keep up with the demand for Internet video, the report findings also forecast an increase in the online user-generated video market of 54 percent in 2008 and a total of 34 billion views.

The swift increase in broadband users has made way for watching and downloading videos from video sharing sites like YouTube.  It is estimated that 6 in 10 adults in the US download videos once each week; more than 85 percent of adults in the U.S. download videos each month. News remains one of the top interest points for those downloading videos regularly.

Turn Key Video SEO is positioned to help you distribute and position your videos in front of the widest Internet audience possible.  At the moment, our submission service reaches up to 83% of Internet audience who visit video sharing sites.

“Turn Key Video SEO greatly increased the flow of traffic to my promotional video, which in turn, greatly increased the flow of traffic to my site! My customers are now coming to my site with a greater knowledge of the services I offer, which makes sales much easier, they’re already sold!”

Michael – Las Vegas, NV

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Our Approach:

Video Creation/ Development → Video Optimization/SEO → Video Distribution/Syndication → Monthly Video URL Promotion → Increase your videos popularity through increased page views and Google search engine placement

Video Creation/Development:

First we help you create a video for your company.

Google Video RankingThe process is as follows:

We create a professional video for you.  We handle the whole process from beginning to end so that you can stay focused on your business.  We handle everything from writing a professionally written script, we create and edit the audio/voice over and we the edit and compile the final video for you making our service a completely turnkey process.  Prior to syndicating the video to the web at large → We send you a link so you can approve the link → Once approved we begin the video syndication process.

Video Optimization/SEO:

We complete the essential HTML optimization for your video as well before we distribute them. Your videos are made SEO ready before each submission by our experienced video submitters. Many video submission sites allow us optimize your video submission. When we submit your video we tag it with appropriate keywords, we can optimize the file name, title and description of video. These elements plus others allow us to tell the search engines and video engines what it is that your business is about.

Video Distribution/Syndication:

Video Syndication provides interactive marketing of your products in video format! Distribution of video in Video Sharing websites like YouTube, Yahoo, AOL, and MSN, Revver etc… build quality incoming one-way links, which helps in SEO rankings of your web site as well as it helps to provide you direct traffic from these sites. Video

Video SEO

Submission helps to build your Brand Name of your business among the online communities, which helps to build brand reputation for long-term benefits!

Video Promotion and Video SEO:

To cap everything off, we then drive a mountain of one-way backlinks through online social media, via our extensive blog network comprised of just over 5000 blog and via our power blog network of blogs with Google Page Rank ranging from PR2-PR6.

Increase Video Popularity, Youtube Video Page Views and Channel very quickly: This is a vital and often over looked part of promoting a youtube web video and to a full scope Video SEO program. Our video optimization services is very reliable and safe to use as your marketing solution. We provide real traffic to your video through many traffic methods. We avoid using bots to get traffic to your videos.


We Work To:

Increase your YouTube video views
Increase YouTube channel views
Help your video reputation
video optimization Boost YouTube/Google results
Get your brand and video famous…quickly!

The advantage of using Turn Key Video SEO to promote your online videos is that not only will you have high video views, but also it will result in many successful results: honors, more comments, increased number of subscriptions, most viewed and the list goes on!

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The number of your YouTube video views is so important because of the ranking YouTube has. YouTube search ranks videos according to how many views a YouTube user has. In other words – the more views you have, the more exposure you will get over the other videos that have the same keywords and content. Another important aspect of video marketing is Google, Yahoo and MSH search. If your YouTube video views have high views, your search engine ranking of the specific video will increase!


“We launched a video with Turn Key Video SEO announcing our first time home buying seminar. Within a day my video hit first page Google for all the relevant search key words. This has been the most effective marketing tool I have used in years”

Top Real Estate Broker/Speaker

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By having sufficient Youtube video views daily, you can now compete with big time YouTube videos. This is an important part of creating more exposure for you – being able to be seen with high views and highly ranked is one of the key components of becoming successful on YouTube! Our Youtube video in its first week is already receiving steady web traffic.

So what are you waiting for?   Let Turn Key Video SEO create the online exposure you deserve!


The following are the features of our services:

Every Submission is completed manually; we do not bother with automated submissions.
Distribution of your video in Top Video Sharing websites.
Complete SEO optimization of your video before submission
HTML Optimization of Video, Video Name, Titles, Meta Tags and Description to make the videos SEO Friendly
Our Video Submitters will submit your video in correct category to get maximum advantages.
Direct Upload and URL/ Embedded Code Submission as per requirement of Video Sharing site are done.
We do account creation, registration and confirmation processes.
Write unique titles and descriptions for each of your video submissions and manually drip out your listings so that your new video posts look as natural as the possibly can be.

As much as you may want to, you cannot ignore videos as part of your marketing mix.  It is becoming more and more imperative for every Internet Marketer to add video submissions to your marketing mix.  It is nearly as important as article and blog submissions, press releases and the various other publicity tools available to our SEO firm.

Many individuals are turning away from traditional entertainment sources and looking to the Internet to satisfy their entertainment needs. As such, savvy marketers can tap into this market to get more sales and expand their business.

The key advantages of video submission are:

Videos are informative and quickly absorbed – Instead of writing an article you can now just as easily produce a video with the same information. This can be more interesting for someone searching for information and it is more quickly absorbed than someone reading an article.

Of the 80% of consumers who have watched a video ad online, 52% took some sort of action,

31% checked out the web site

22% looked for more information

15% went into a store

12% made a purchase.

(Source: Online Publishers Association)


Videos are a great viral marketing technique – If you make an interesting and professional looking video, people that watch your video are likely to share your video to their friends.  This feature alone is reason enough to be sending your videos out so you can get information about your products in front of as many people as possible.

By 2010, experts predict that 80 percent of the U.S. online community or around 157 million people will be viewing online videos. Will you be first or last among your competitors to reach clients’ demand for interactive New Media 2.0?

Our Offer:

Create (5) Custom 60-90 second video Scripts Valued at $1,000
Create (5) Custom 60-90 second videos Valued at $2000
Create (5) Custom 60-90 second videos Professional Voice Over Recorded at a Pro Studio Valued at $1200
Creation and Optimize the Titles, Descriptions, and Keyword Tags for each video submission
Distribute: Custom Submission Service to 50 Top Video Sites like YouTube, Google Video, and Live Video Valued at $1195
Promote: Drive a mountain of back links to your YouTube video using a custom link building package. Each video will receive 400 links each in month one.  If you purchase our video 5 pack, then your videos will receive over 2000 links from some of the most trafficked sites on the Internet.
search engine placement Grow Video Popularity: We drive real traffic to your Youtube videos. Each video with our system will increase in popularity. We will increase in the number of page views, channel views, ratings and comments.

Video creation, distribution and optimization and promotion is valued at $5000, however your investment total is:

(1 video package)

$1895 and $179 per month for continued promotion, links to your videos, YouTube comments, channel views, ratings, and page views…

(5 video package)

$2,895 and $595 per month per video for continued promotion, links to your videos, YouTube comments, channel views, ratings, and page views…

If you wish, then you can double the number of submissions from 50 to 100 sites for an additional $500 per video or if you order by the 5 video pack, then your investment is $1200.

What if I just need to promote my videos and I don’t need video creation?

If you already have an online video created, then the investment for this service is $995 for one video and $1,895 for up to 5 videos, for the optimization –> the Syndication to a minimum of 50 video sites –> the promotion of the video through links and comments –> and the driving of page views to increase the popularity of your YouTube submission.  The ongoing fee is $179 per month per video (or $595 per video 5 pack) for the continued promotion, links, YouTube comments, and page views…  This will ensure the rankings that your video will remain popular.

Monthly Subscription For Promotion Of One Video: $179 a month, for 5 videos ($595/month)

See Our Video Search Engine Placement and SEO Results

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